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Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (the "Company" or "AS") was formerly called B.M. Media (Thailand) Company Limited. The Company was incorporated on 20 September 2001, with a registered capital of 5 million baht as a distributor of PC games by co-founders of the Company, Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn, Mr. Tan Tgow Lim and Mr. Lertchai Kanpai, all of whom have extensive experience in the entertainment software business.

Not less than 30% of the net profits of the separated financial statements of the Company after corporate income tax and legal reserves (with additional conditions)

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The Company is recognized locally and internationally as the leading provider of online entertainment services in Southeast Asia focusing in online games. In addition, the Company operates related businesses to support the online gaming business. These include the portal site which acts as the center connecting gamers to all types of games including PC and mobile game formats, and for game downloads. It is a community for gamers to update news, exchange information and opinion.

In case a shareholder cannot attend AGM in person. He or She may appoint a representative to attend the meeting by using a proxy form as attached to the Notice of AGM or printing from the company website.

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