Investor Relations

"In 2021, Asiasoft is still committed to its goal in building sustainable business and revenue growth."

2021 has been another challenging but successful year of Asiasoft. The Company faced several business challenges such as intense competition within the gaming market, advancement of technologies that highly influences changes in the gaming industry, and definitely the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the face of these challenges, we still adhered to a belief in the Company’s business potential and take any opportunity to bring strategies into action. As a result, the Company successfully continued its growth in all dimensions including in revenue and profits. Besides, the international marketing development plan that has been initiated is now closer to being a reality as the Company registers in Vietnam has been already accomplished and currently is in the process of paid-up share capital. The Company is able to recognise revenue since quarter 1, 2022 onward.

Nevertheless, amid the COVID-19 pandemic crisis last year, Asiasoft recognized the importance of social responsibility and the Company’s vital role in providing support to society. Asiasoft helped communities by donating over 8.9 million Baht through 16 organizations in 5 countries : Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This donation helped provide support to several sectors including public health, education, and communities that suffered from the crisis. This is one of our activities that we arranged in an aim to create social contribution to society.

In 2022, Asiasoft still determines to seek new opportunities to drive the business forward. The Company also prepares to dive into the new S-Curve of the business to create a path for sustainable growth by looking forward to its business expansion in other fields. Besides being a leading gaming service provider, the Company has partnered with an alliance that specializes in blockchain technologies, to develop a Hybrid GameFi platform and strengthen its business to the next level as a global service provider in the future. This is considered major Paradigm Shift of Asiasoft.

Lastly, on behalf of Asiasoft, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Company’s shareholders, customers, and business alliances for their continuing support, recommendations, and trust. Most importantly, I would like to thank the management teams and staff members in all units for their commitment and contribution to the Company and their willingness to walk together to achieve our goal. We assure that the Company will continue to maintain business transparency, awareness of corporate social and environmental responsibility, and commitment to good governance to ensure the highest benefits for stakeholders in all sectors.

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn
Chief Executive Officer