Investor Relations

"Our goal in 2020 is to continue on with more determination and effort in superseding growth targeting strong revenue and profit."

In 2019, the gaming industry has been facing intense competition, especially in the mobile gaming market sector. Given the challenges, Asiasoft has shown its determination in enhancing our services and knowledge in all sectors in keeping up with our competitive edge. As a result, the Company has successfully been able to gain profits in turnover for the past 3 consecutive years. This is considered a great sign for the year 2020 for the Company in increasing revenue growth and profits as planned. The main factor that played a major role in the success we gained in the past year is the launch of the mobile gaming services in Thailand, proving to be a very huge success. This accomplishment reflects the Company’s increased skills, understanding and expertise in the mobile gaming market and shows that we have gained more understanding of gamers’ behaviors and needs. Besides improving product management, during the past two to three years, Asiasoft has reengineered the organizational structure to make them simple and less complex in responding to the world’s situation. Moreover, the Company was able to significantly minimize operating costs in several key areas.

Our goal in 2020 is to continue on with more determination and effort in superseding growth targeting strong revenue and profit. Facing high competition and rapid change in the gaming industry, we are aware that competition is not only against local business operators but global competitors as well. Despite being in a competitive market, we – Asiasoft – have proven our persistence through the difficulties and the ability to overcome challenges in the past years. We are also one of the few gaming business operators that continue to deliver online gaming services across Southeast Asia. With our potential and great professional experiences in this business, we have successfully built trust with our well-known world-class alliances in delivering popular games and services. In 2020, Asiasoft aims to launch high-quality mobile games and services that have gained popularity and success in other countries and match gamer tastes and preferences in Southeast Asia. The Company is also focused on potential markets in Indonesia.

On behalf of Asiasoft, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you our shareholders, valued customers and business alliances for your continuing support, confidence and above all for your trust. Most importantly, I would like to thank you all staff members and administrative teams who have been working committedly showing your ongoing valuable contribution. Your engagement has always been a key to the Company's success. We assure you that together we will put an effort into building a widespread reputation and acceptance in all sectors. The Company will continue to grow and nurture the business with strong determination under a principle of good Corporate Governance, through the Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility concerns in order to create the utmost benefits for shareholders and all stakeholders alike.

Mr. Pramoth Sudjitporn
Chief Executive Officer